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Artefact of the Week Series: Archeospm Loves Linoleum Since Circa 2017

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Linoleum is an organic based flooring made primarily from oxidized linseed oil. Invented by the Englishman Frederick Walton in 1860 it would take some time for the invention to catch on, but by 1869 it was being exported across Europe and the United States. In the first half of the twentieth century it was an incredibly common choice for flooring. It had a few notable advantages over the competitors of its day, first it is very durable, second it is waterproof, third it is easy to clean. All of these factors in addition to its generally low cost would have made linoleum an ideal choice for flooring, particularly in fishing communities by the sea like Anse a Bertrand. The durability combined with the low cost would make it a very economical choice, and its waterproof nature with its ability to be easily cleaned meant that a Saint-Pierre et Miquelon's fisherman would not need to spend much time maintaining a nicer looking floor.

Patterns from previous years at l'anse à Bertrand:


  • Brian Howe

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